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The power team is the fastest growing team in the world. Trading in over 100 countries, our community is like no other! We pride ourselves on the success of others, offer you 24hr support & full transparency of the company. Together, we are changing the future of forex & peoples lives.

You will not find this Opportunity anywhere else! 

.Historically proven to be recession proof

. Most flexible risk management strategies available

. Trade capital may be leveraged to maximise gains

. Traded 24hrs a day, 5 days a week 

How it works

Invest in a rewards plan from as little as $300 to as high as $1000,000. This will create your own personal account where you will have access to the back office and the trading academy. The back office is where you can keep track of your progress, trading pool, live trades and plan upgrades.

You now have two options.

Be a BEAR and let the Pro’s trade for you. Earn money each day and receive weekly payouts. You can upgrade anytime by paying the difference. Eg; $300-$500 upgrade you pay $200 using the money earned from your previous plan.

By continuously upgrading, you can reach the 100k plan in a matter of 3 years and earn thousands of Dollars per week. 
Be a BULL and charge for success where you can share the opportunity with your family and friends. 
For every referral completed you will receive fast start commissions. Use these commissions to upgrade. (Recommended)
Higher the plan the higher the daily earnings and referral commissions. 
Receive commissions through the Matrix system also. 

For a more in depth explanation I advise you to watch the cashFXgroup due diligence with Richard Maude who is one of our most successful members on our team. 


No experience needed. (Including Bitcoin)
No additional fees.
No tied in contract.
Withdraw and leave at anytime.
Leave it to the Pros.


Here is where you have access to the power team website where you have everything you could possibly need. Free marketing tools, blue prints, training resources, testimonials, webinars and so much more!


Why the forex market?

It’s only the biggest financial market in the world!


Elemental | Advance | supreme 

Claim your reward or take the Cash!
On plans- 1K- 10k-15k-100k

Claim iPad/Take $675.00

Claim iPad/Take $675.00

Claim Rolex / Take $7500.00

Claim Rolex / Take $7500.00

Claim luxury holiday / take $11,2250.

Claim luxury holiday / take $11,2250.

Claim a Porsche / Take $75,000

Claim a Porsche / Take $75,000


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