Jah Jyot Curry

Privileged to have been invited by my good friend Ranie Sirah to the launch of Assembly Unground associated with Jah Jyot Curry who have been trading since early 2015. Situated in a fully refurbished basement within a Grade II listed building on Great George Street in the vibrant city of my home town Leeds. A cool urban establishment for craft beer and independent street food.

Jah Jyot Curry, Winner of the European champions best Street food 2018 are well known for their deliciously tasty Punjabi cuisine. Since visiting India I had yet to find a place close to home that served such foods with that particular taste.

Every dish is truest unique and has a meaningful story. Ranie took the liberty of ordering for me. Served to perfection he brought out the samosa side with a vegan twist to cater to my dietary needs and the famous Masala Dosa main.

Whilst taking my first bite I was taken back to my time in India. I could taste the passion and love for his cooking in every mouth watering bite. A burst of sweet, spicy and savoury flavours all rolled into one. The whole time I was eating I didn’t speak ‘haha’ just like when he was telling me the story behind the Masala Dosa. 

Ranie was 14 years of age when he and his family decided to take a twelve hour journey by car with a private driver from deli to Punjab. Usually they would take this journey by train but this particular time they decided against it. 

Ranie and his family stopped at a roadside dubbah, Known to us as a little street cafe for a quick bite and to stretch their legs. Sitting on a concrete plinth, a large man who Ranie described as looking like the Indian singer Fateh Ali Khan, was sitting with his legs crossed with a wooden stove in front of him, various pots and pans scattered around being used to cook masala dosa’s. 

The dish Masala dosa originated from South India and to come across it in Punjab was quite a unusual find. The man continued to cook, smothering the dishes and packing them with flavour. Wrapping and flipping the Dosa’s at great speed then throwing them onto the customers plates and with a quick flick of a spoon from a far he finalised the dishes with garnish. Ranie was mesmerised by the mans skills and true showmanship, his family were stood along side him laughing and saying this boy is going to cook for a living and sure enough he eventually did. Rani has journeyed back to the route several times and has never seen the man again. 

Jah Jyot Curry is by far my favourite Indian street food cuisine! I highly recommend you to head on down with a bunch of friends and give your taste buds a treat. 
(now Delivering)


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